Love & Women
Chromosome 23
The book was released in July 2013 and is available in both ebook format and a printed version.
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A poem is a song without chorus:
I've taken the "Chromosome 23 Dozen"
poems and created the one Voice-Over Introduction plus twenty three songs that compose the lyrics to a musical about you and me and all of us. It's about the soup mix that forms our helix of life. It's about boys, girls, love, marriage and baby.
All we need is music and little things like costumes, props, a theatre and of course an audience.

The Big Bang
(Voice-Over c23 Introduction) 

The "Big Bang" happened fourteen billion years ago.
The universe, galaxies and stars began.
When a star collaspes, it is a super-nova.
From a super-nova: our sun and the earth.

Five billion years ago, the earth was born.
Two billion years ago, lifeform began.
Human kind began two hundred million years ago.
We came from stardust, fire and energy.

We survived with great difficulty.
Once there were but a few dozen of us.
With grit and endeavor, we multiplied,
Gathering our food and then hunting our food.

When the hunting would no longer provide,
We innovated and began to grow our food.
That was a mere ten thousand years ago,
A blink of time in the life of the universe.

We ground our grain in water powered wind mills.
We harnessed horse and domesticated animals.
Coal fueled our machines as well as petroleum.
We are now developing wind and solar as energy sources.

Seven billion of mankind and we dominate.
Eighty thousand species vanished, twenty thousand survive.
Mankind is the driving force of planet "Earth",
All developed in the womb of woman, in the helix of life.

They Own The Egg
Women have ownership of the egg.
It is theirs and always has been.
The male implants his sperm,
Mostly at the invitation of the female.
It is a design of the milliniums;
Modified, changed and improved.
From hunched "Lucy" to the smiling "Mona Lisa",
It is the womans creation.
The egg of life delivers:
A male developed with fewer genes,
A male with specialized traits,
A male designed to be useful.
This clever egg even allows
The offspring to look like the Dad,
While being intelligent, able
And beautiful like the mother.
The design developes aggressive males
And a passive female with beauty,
That bears and rears children.
Women know, a male can be replaced.
The "XX" Design

I must be attractive for mating.
I'll have a slender body of curves
With enticements both front and rear.
They will bounce as I walk and cause focus.

I need not be taller than my mate,
As he will protect and provide.
I'll also need the pleasure of mating
And their need be no limit on endurance.

I'll need extra body fat for survival.
Let the male be lean, he'll hunger quickly.
I'll live off my internal reserve of fat.
Yes, my breasts and bottom will round perfectly.

Procreation is the rule of the species survival.
My breasts will feed my offspring for years.
The children and I will bind my mate,
He'll need to return to fulfill his urge to protect.

I'll be verbally more capable than my mate.
With language, I'll be capabe of persuasion.
I'll design full lips and a soft voice.
My eyes will be larger and view better closer.

This will be a dynamic attractive creature.
Woman as art form, beauty to be pursued.
God did not create woman, woman created woman.
"I designed the male too, designed to perform."

The "XY" Design

I need protection by man.
He must be bigger and stronger.
I need substance provided by man.
He must want to work and be able.

His body fat need be less than mine,
As he will hunt and provide substance.
When he becomes hungry, I'll still be full.
When he returns from the hunt, I'll be hungry.

He must desire my slender body.
My curves must attract him to me.
His desire must be observable
So I'll know when to proceed.

He must be capable of delivering his seed
And he must want to procreate.
I must devise a method to bind him,
So that he will provide substance to offspring.

His physic and musculinity must attract me.
He must be capable of providing sexual joy.
But he should be limited of sexual endurance.
It is me he must satisfy, no one else.

I'll provide a beard so I can see him afar.
As a male, he could be a mate or a threat.
His eyes should see distance for hunting.
Less verbal skills, he need not talk too much.

One last thing, he must be aggressive.
I need to see him in performance
Thus I can weed out the weaker pretenders.
Yes, all men are to be easily replaced.

John J. Duffy, the poet has published six poetry books and previously been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in poetry.  Warman, Peaceman, and Sageman document his war experience as a Special Forces Commander.  His The Bush Chronicles gives a redition of the most important events in George W. Bush's first term as President.  The Battle for Charlie is his story of a celebrated battle during the last of American combat participation in the Viet Nam War. 
John served as a Commander in Special Operations and is a highly decorated officer.  He rose from Sergeant to Major and has sixty plus awards and decoration  including the Distinguished Service Cross and eight Purple Hearts.
After military service, John held senior positions in Publishing and Finance.   He founded an investment firm which was sold to Ameritrade.
He is retired in Santa Cruz, California and writes poetry.  Two of his poems are inscribed on a monument dedicated to Forward Air Controllers in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 
Chromosome 23 is a story about you.
It is a story about me and all the rest of us.  It delves into the "XX" and the "XY" chromosome.  This the female and the male chromosome.
"I never understand women".  We've heard that before.  This endeavor is the key to understanding women and the men they need.  Women own and design the egg, all else follows.
Read "The Chromosome Dozen" and enlightenment is yours.  Take a lyrical journey with words to the musical: "Chromosome 23".
Last, journey into the brain, your most important tool and vision how it functions.  This journey is just beginning, read "Inner Universe", the most important discovery  of anotomy.
John J. Duffy
Soldier, Businessman and Poet  
Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot's 'Jewish Woman of Algeria'.
Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot's 'Jewish Woman of Algeria'.

Wait For Me

It is off to war I must go,
My country says it is so.
I must march to the drumbeat.
I must shoulder my killing gun.

I'll be gone for a long time,
Wars have a way of dragging on.
I'll do my best to come back home.
I'll think of you to keep me strong.

Let no one tamper with your love.
Let no one entice you with a song.
Remember me as I will remember you.
I'll be back, and you must wait for me.



Tomorrow, I'll be me:
I'll hold a woman tight,
I'll fight a dragon off,
I'll write a poem of life.


Your Derriere

Yes, men look at your buns,
It is the first vision of choice.
They determine your potential;
Can you reproduce and substain?

Don't give me that pervert look.
It is preprogrammed by woman.
Men are the functional link you need
To reproduce and nurture mankind.

You women own and design the egg,
You have programmed us in all respects.
We seek out furtile women to mate with.
The derriere is the key to mate selection.

A round and full bottom causes focus.
It evokes a second look to evaluate.
Is she broad enough of hip for babies?
Can she substain a baby with her fat reserves?

So, when you see a man checking you out,
You in turn, react by evaluating him.
Is he viable, attractive and available?
Is he worth your interest and provocation?

"Frances" - Lauri Blank


The breasts of woman are life's force in view,
Round and firm, they imply readiness of woman.
They attract man as his needs focus on woman.
He see's the signals of fertility and pleasure.

The breasts of woman both attract man and signal,
She is ready and able to engage in life's forces.
She can procreate and attract the male she wants.
A baby can be supported and nourished by her breasts.

Women understand this focus of man on breasts.
They not only comprehend but they exploit man.
They dress to provoke man with clevage enough
To attract a glance, to garner a though of love.

Man is easily provoked, always ready and vulnerable.
He is master of his own destiny until he is not.
A woman understands instinctively man's weaknesses.
They in turn know how to control his lust for love.

The Gazelle
I see the body of a gazelle,
Movement sychonized in flow,
A beauty, a natural dancer
With form and curves in place.
Life force is a part of her.
You can feel the energy.
She has strenght and courage.
She has beauty and charm.
I've watched her from afar.
She captures the eye of man
As she was so designed to do:
A delight of life in full bloom.
Jason Tako, 'Waiting For His Return'
Jason Tako, 'Waiting For His Return'

The Pearl

I need a beautiful woman.
She should be intelligent.
She must be educated,
And I want her long of limb.

Her face should be round.
Her eyes must show alertness.
Her curves must flow gracefully,
Elegant to the eye of the beholder.

The Emperors of old
Would search an empire
To find one such as you,
A woman to be Empress.


Skin Deep

Stylish black girl,
Singing the songs,
Fingertips dancing,
Rhythm snapping.

Tall cool Boston girl;
Looking quite sedate,
Wearing sober clothes,
Not the type to grab.

Easy blends contrast
In this Cocktail Lounge.
The dark girl dull,
The white girl hot. 


Sleeping Volcano

She held me very tight -
And needed to be held
In turn, very tight by me.

It had been too long a time
For one so alive as she,
To have resided in hermitage.

Now was the time for her to return
To the caresses of love and life,
To the warmth of man's sweet kiss.

The bodies meshed and began
The dances of intimacy,
And we were happy together.

To brunch, the beach or dancing,
It did not matter so much,
Only that the other was there.

And though her body I liked
And enjoyed in its delights,
There is more in this woman for me.

She is full of life and seeks dreams.
Her laughter dances within a scene.
Her eye's captivate and capture.

When the time came for her to go,
Neither her nor I wished it so,
And together we stole one more night.

We held each other tight once again,
Enjoying it more because it was
More than we had thought could be.

Trick Or Treat

First, her make-up is on wrong,
Then her slacks are a bit too tight,
Next, her panties show through,
The irritants begin to stretch out.

Surely there is something else.
This moving close to another
Begins to pose a threat to her.
(Now, her legs aren't straight.)

How should I care for these things?
They are all meaningless.
But I enjoy this time with her
And I wish it to continue.

Perhaps a little laughter will help,
Or a loving tender embrace.
This reassurance she does need
Before she will move along love's path.

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Portrait
Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Portrait

A Plateau

A little wine,
A little cheese, 
A little love -
Not too much, please.


Moon Warmth

Bright moon shining clear,
Hanging over mountains high.
The Mekong River flowing by,
Music and friendship warming.

This night is soft,
The girl beside me is warm,
Her red hair glowing,
Golden by moonlight.

Old style romance
Is held close by both.
The right beginning
Will as the river flow.

For next we will go
To our place of old,
And dance to the music
 That makes us feel free.

Give Me Your Hand

So my sweet, give me your hand,
Your pretty white hand, and come,
Come with me to our love bed
And we will dance a Tango.

We'll exchange our love vows.
We'll enjoin with loves rhythm.
We'll endeavor to travel far
While holding each other tight.

Loves Presents

I give all to you my love;
The excitement of a storm,
The silence of the night,
The beauty of Spring's bloom.

I open my arms to the heavens,
And close them upon you my love,
In an embrace of the universe...
Until my explosion creates it's own galaxy.

Blossoming Woman

The girls, they blossom so young,
First their breasts swell large,
And next their backsides  round out.
They are indeed woman for all to see.

It is a time they know and enjoy,
When the boys and the men,
All look to their endowments,
With admiration, desire and lust.

This is the nature of life's play,
 Where man is attracted to woman,
And woman must decide the one,
Who she will choose to be her own. 


Magna Cum Laude

All those years in school,
I finally have a degree,
Something to prove I'm smart,
Or at least that I perservered.

I'll fake it if need be.
Being smart isn't everything.
I'm young and attractive,
Smart can come later.

Anonymous portrait of a woman.
Anonymous portrait of a woman.

Life's Choice

A young lady on holiday
With her intimate friends,
Visiting the hill town,
And thinking of marriage.

A proposal has been received.
She must decide very soon,
To marry and begin anew,
With a man that is suitable.

Ah, marriage it must be,
All seemed to agree,
That the future was brighter,
With a man by her side.

She returned to her home,
And visiting as a guest
Was a tall dark stranger,
Playing with her siblings.

She saw something in him,
And she felt excitement,
Not really sure the reason,
A stranger should reach her so.

The stranger looked up,
And he smiled warmly,
And he too could feel the flame
Of love and desire.

Not a word had been said,
Only a glance down,
And a return glance back,
But each could feel loves pull.

Should she listen to her heart,
Or should she be reasonable?
All advised her to marry,
And to forget this romantic moment.

But more she would seek in life
Than a secure suitable mate.
She must have love, and living
With the tall dark stranger


Ring! Ring! Ring!

I wait for the telephone to ring,
It really is terrible, all this waiting,
When I want so much to talk to you.
I need to hear your voice and reassurance.

I need to know that you really love me.
How can I plan life's direction without you?
You are my very life and my true desire.
You are my everything, you are my love.

Ring! Ring! Ring!  "Yes, I'm glad to hear from you.
Oh, that's O.K.  I understand.  Yes, tonights O.K.
How should I dress?  You shouldn't say that.
I'll wear my pretty red dress and black heels."

My Love
It is only you my love
That I will commit my love to.
You are my desire, my future,
You are my hope for happiness.
I need you beyond all others.
I want you to be my companion.
I want you to be my life mate.
I want you to commit in marriage.
I will be your partner in all.
I will raise your child as my own.
I will respect and treasure you.
I will honor you with my true love.
Together, we will make the journey.
We will live life entwined together.
We will blossom only as a couple can.
I beg you for your hand in marriage.

The Engagement

What a delightful surprise,
A lovely couple are engaged.
By the poolside, it is announced:
They will be married and joined.

The bride to be is lovely.
Her eyes flash the joy,
She has found a man to mate.
She has found her true love.

The groom to be is a bit shy.
This romance has captured his heart.
His love is true and he is true,
He gives himself to his love.

He is her man to love forever.
His sensuality is her delight,
His solid shoulder is her rock.
His is the harbor of her heart.

In time, a wedding will join them,
In the rights of love and matrimony.
And each and all will enjoin them:
To be loving and to be fruitful.

The Temple Of Love

This heady cocktail called love
Begins with a tender embrace,
Which blossoms into flowering romance
And a need to enjoin with the other.

A sharing of love with another
Is mankinds moment of reward.
The journey can be filled with challenges,
But in truth, it begins with commitment.

The vow that each gives to the other
Is the contract of love's binding:
Each to cherish and respect the other.
But most of all, to love eternal.

The Wedding

The flower girl spreads petals.
The ring boys are in formal tux.
The bridesmaids are all excited.
All await the bride's entrance.

Now, the bride is escorted
Down the aisle by her father.
Heads turn to see the lovely bride,
Dressed in bodice, veil, and trail.

All enjoy this delight in sight:
A young bride dressed in white.
This is her day to exchange her vow,
With her love, in a new life.

The psalms are read to confirm
The devotion they both hold.
The candles are lit and joined,
As life's fires will soon be joined.

 The ceremony ends with a kiss.
All rejoice in this love match.
The journey has now begun,
Together, they will set forth.

Over The Top
(Michele and Joseph Wold)
Friends and family gathered
To celebrate a new beginning
Of love and commitment,
Of binding together in matrimony.
The setting is of total beauty:
The greens of Pebble Beach,
The sun shining on Spanish Bay,
 With wisps of clouds in the blue sky.
The groom stands tall and smiling
Awaiting his bride to present.
Her lovely mother escorts her,
With the bride a vision in elegance.
All eyes attend her arrival.
The groom entranced by his dream
Of a marriage to his love of life:
Michele, the most beautiful bride of all.
A classical trio rapsodizes with
Love melodies from the ages.
The minister is empowered to perform
This sacred ceremony of marriage.
The bride, glimmering in white brocade,
Attended by bridesmaids and grooms men,
Listens to the most solemn words.
The vow spoken: "My only love."
Joseph responds: "My promise of faith."
The pronouncement: "Man and wife."
A loving kiss of husband and wife.
Champagne flows while photo's snap.
The bagpiper in kilt serenades
With a song of love to celebrate;
A marriage, a ceremony and a gathering
Of family, friends and witnesses.
Off to a cocktail hour at "The Lodge"
Beside a pool overlooking the bay.
Hors d'oeuvres and more bubbly,
With a mariachi trio struming love songs.
The Banquet, a splendid presentation.
Raised dais for two, with sunset framing,
As toasts, dining and dancing begin.
Ending too soon as the night retreats.

The Sacred Wedding

Oh dear, they were living in sin.
Wow, that must have been wonderful.
The things they must have done together.
It's enough to get one's imagination bubbling.

Now, it's official, married in the church,
By a Jusuit priest in vestments no less.
Holier than that would take the Pope.
Yes, holy matrimony may get them to heaven.

But, will they have fun doing you know what,
Now that it isn't a sin to diddle sweet lips.
The excitement of forbidden fruit may fade.
In time, they'll discover maritial bliss. Ho Hum.


Yes, it is two weeks late,
I should've had my period.
I better check my status.
Positive, I can not believe it.

We did it, I am pregnant.
I am so excited, I could burst.
I'll tell my man right away,
He'll be shocked, but we did it.

A baby is growing inside of me.
I don't care if it's a boy or a girl,
I just want it to be a baby.
I want to be a caring mother.

The happening seems so strange,
To create another life within me.
I'll take care: no wine, no smoking,
I'll exercise and control myself.

This baby is everything to me.
This baby is a new life in me.
My husband will be thrilled.
He is a father, soon to be "Papa".

V. Kostecky, 'Coming Home'.
V. Kostecky, 'Coming Home'.

A Warrior Returns Home

Just like I promised you,
I'm right here waiting for you.
I've been true and I love you.
Twelve months seemed an eternity.

Your children have grown tall.
They can barely remember you now,
But they knew you were far off
Fighting a war for country and freedom.

I have missed you every day.
I have longed for you every night.
My life was not complete without you.
Thank God that you are safe home.


Love and War
Flight Surgeon Larry Underwood

A young medical doctor
Engaged to a beautiful gal,
Was drafted to serve his country,
Fighting in the Viet Nam War.

He was trained in military skills;
Shooting, parachuting and survival.
Oversea's they shipped him,
He was posted as a flight surgeon.

"Rustic" FAC's had the tough missions, 
Flying the Ho Chi Minh Trail, 
Trolling for enemy movement, 
Looking for the flash of enemy guns.

Young and eager, 
He volunteered to fly,
Becoming a "Covey Rider".
Danger was the norm.

Each man in his squardron
Now had a flight surgeon
Who knew the danger of combat
And understood their fears.

With a bright diamond on her finger,
Young Ginger counted the months
Before her love would return,
From a far off war in Asia.

Larry wrote white lies
About how safe he was,
Vowing to return to her arms,
 Vowing to marry his love.

Twenty nine missions later,
The Doctor's tour was done,
And home he went to Ginger:
Married and no tales of war.

Larry kept his secret
For many years from all,
But Ginger found out her man
Told white lies and flew deadly missions.


Anonymous Portrait of a Lady
Anonymous Portrait of a Lady

Magic Girl
I had known her so long,
But had never held her
Close and in tenderness,
Till that night of return.

Back from a battle,
Still feeling Glory's Touch,
She did me enchant
With her magic ways.

Taking me close to her,
The fires raging through,
As darkness changed to light;
And the night still was there.


Love's Beginning

The first sweet kiss, 
The tender embrace,
Now I hold my love
As a man and lover.

She yielding to me,
Knowing more we have 
Than all the others,
For now we are lovers.


Loving Touch

She took me back to her,
I was weak and battered.
She strenghtened my spirit, 
With her loving touch.

My body soon began to heal
Because of her tenderness.
Love's dimensions became larger
As this woman renewed me.


The Dragon Bar Lovelies

Look how lovely they are,
Flourishing blossoms all;
Mellow-skinned, oval-eyed, and warm smiles,
The Dragon Bar Lovelies.

They are half-castes all,
A delight to behold.
The fragile beauty of the Vietnamese,
Mixid with the sperm of bygone warriors.

One half-Cambode,
Another half-French,
And the flashing smile of the half-Negress,
God has never made lovelier flowers.

The delicate beauty of the new girl,
Miss Ming so fragile,
So lovely to see,
As a treasure from a distant past.

Flowers they be, some to admire, others to touch.
Their faces, like paintings to be remembered.
I love them all:
 The Dragon Bar Lovelies.


The Face Of Love

The half-Indian girl,
I had forgotten her.
How could I have?
As Lovely as she is.

She reminds me of a woman,
Forever I shall love.
How many times is forever?
Not enough for her and I.


Miss Linh Chi

The others I love,
Her I must have.
A half-caste of war,
Beautiful beyond compare.

The desire is strong,
My love or no one else.
The quiet shy one, 
She who answers my poetry.

Tomorrow!  Tomorrow!
Can I wait for her?
Forever!  Forever!
Never will not be too long.

Portrait of Sally Heming
Portrait of Sally Heming

The Dark Wisdom

The half-Negress:
The one they slurred.
She who is so strong,
And full of life.

Her hands don't caress;
They hold life's feelings,
Flowing from her finger tips,
As a river from deep within.

The other girls,
They look to her,
Though their sting she has felt,
Being a black half-caste.

They fear her not,
And seek her out:
Because within her
Flows the dark wisdom.



Can you speak of one woman
Without thinking of another?
Not I, not I, who am I -
A loving man in a flowering sea.

Am I a butterfly:
Touching, but never lingering?
I can hold my love easily,
It is my eyes that wander.


Never Wander

You are the hope of my heart.
You are the love of my dreams.
My eyes will never wander,
I'll look at you forever.

We'll start each day with a kiss.
We'll end each day embraced,
 As we dance to love's rhythm
In the warmth of our love bed.

I'll take you in my gentle hold.
 I'll love you all night through.
I'll kiss you in the morning.
I'll love you each and every day.


Anonymous portrait.
Anonymous portrait.

Testimony Of Love

I met her by chance.
Her beauty captured me,
Her charm enchanted me,
Her strenght made me strong.

The courtship was brief.
The desire was strong,
Her, and only her,
Diane my love, for life.

Life had its traumas,
Good times and bad times.
Problems were overcome.
Children grew tall and strong.

The sharing is real,
The building of dreams, 
The family gatherings,
The joining with friends.

I say to you my love:
I could not have done it
Without your strong hand. 
You are my dream, come true.


Valentine Roses

She truly loves her roses
Because her man gives them,
As a symbol of his love.

He see's the red rose,
Which embodies true love,
And the passion in his life.

He see's the white rose,
Which is supportive and loyal,
And a love companion.

He see's the yellow rose,
With laughter, fun and delight.
His roses are the roses of love.

"Goodbye Forever"

You tell me that you love me,
But you don't respect me.
You say how beautiful I am,
Yet you're checking them out.

Your talk is sweet to listen to,
But your actions something else.
You must think that I'm a fool,
I know you're cheating on me.

Oh yeah, I'm a fool in love.
I believed your lies, yes I did.
I believed you loved me.
I believed you'd be true.

I'm just gonna click you off.
I'm gonna send you a text,
That tells you "goodbye forever".
You have broken my heart. 

Oh yeah, I'm a fool in love.
I believed your lies, yes I did.
I believed you loved me.
I believed you'd be true.

Bonfire Of Love

A bonfire of love is what I have.
My love, my life, my existance,
In flames, heaped upon the fire:
By a lover, who left me for another.

Valentine Day Dialogue

How can it be so,
The most break-ups occur
Between loving couples
On Valentine Day?

The women endeavor
All year long to please,
Providing loving care,
And intimate affection.

And that is natural.
I speak from times past,
And I speak for now:
Man provides, women maintains.

That is all so true.
But on Valentines Day,
That is your time to please,
To give thanks and love.

You mean that one day,
I do all that I can,
To show my Love devotion,
To endear myself to her?

Yes.  If you fail this test,
She will take notice,
And react angrily,
Thinking you unworthy.

I need to be alert, 
To gift with flowers and candy,
To write a note of love.
I finally understand.


Valentine Toast

A gal without a man
Is a woman of taste,
A woman with high hopes,
A woman willing to wait.

Self assured and independent,
These women happily reside
In their own domains,
Without the demands of  a mate.

And on Valentine's Day, smiling,
When mating is holiday fare,
They remember George, or Fred - whoever,
Lift their glass: and toast "enlightentment".


Chelsea Florishes

Wow, did I ever get lucky.
The dance music has begun
And no one is dancing yet.
I'm looking at a sweet young thing.

She is dazzling with long curly hair,
The longest of legs and she's smiling.
I have to be careful, her Mom is here.
I'll be a gentlemen and ask her Mom.

"Madam, the music is playing tonight.
The dancing will begin in but a moment.
May I request that your daughter
Honor me with the very first dance."

All eyes are upon this leggy
Absolutely gorgeous creature.
We glide across the dance floor,
She twirls and spins, and smiles.

The whole room is in awe of her beauty.
I am dazzled by her warmth and her charm.
To be blessed by beauty is glory.
What a moment to remember forever.

The Artist and The Composer 

My dreams were of this man.
My dreams were for this man.
I loved his music and his soul.
I loved him with all my heart.

Yet he did not heed my love.
He laughed at me and with me.
He flirted just enough, but not more.
My love unrequited sank deep within.

He is gone now, passing beyond.
In the night, I dreamed of him.
I'll paint his portrait as I dreamed it,
 My brush strokes will speak for me.

I'll paint my love as I remember him.
I'll paint the mist as dreams unfulfilled.
I'll paint the darkness of love not resolved,
For I loved a man who did not love me.

Daniel Gerhartz | The Garden Window
Daniel Gerhartz | The Garden Window
Oh, Woman

A natural temptation,
A desirable calamity,
And a delectable detriment,
Oh woman, where art thou?

She is a foe to friendship,
A domestic danger,
Oftentimes evil in nature,
Painted with such fair colors.

Man's great misfortune is woman;
His purse is emptied by her,
His ego suffers abuse enough,
And yet, he proclaims his love. 

Not Yet Perfect!

The mirror reflects my image.
I dwell on the imperfections.
The rest of my face is obscure.
It is the imperfections that focus me.

My eyebrows must be sharper.
It is eye shadow that I need.
A little more color for my cheeks.
The lipstick will flush out my lips.

The industry of beauty enhancement
Is a billion dollar plus industry.
Women are particularly harsh self critics.
They never believe that they are perfect.


The jerk you are enraptured with,
He is perfect in all respects.
All you need to do is just ask him,
He'll assure you, he is magnificent.

A Dream is a Plan

Yes!  Even old men
can dream.
I dream of a young woman,
Bright and full of energy,
Life is hers to accomplish.

This dream is of Michelle:
A doctor, perky and sharp.
She likes to write, a quick learner.
She'll absorb, study and attack.

I see her future as interesting,
Because she is interested and alert.
I see her passing on her knowledge
And helping mankind to improve.

She is twenty-nine years old
With one more year of internship.
She hasn't even graduated yet.
The view seems a bit over-the-top.

No!  I can see it and I believe it.
I know she will make her mark.
I know that I will have pride in her.
I know that the world will applaud her.

Sadie Hawkin's Day
(License to hunt)

You need to plan and prepare,
It is your turn to pursue the male.
You need to entice him to want you.
This is a very serious business.

You must dress more provocatively.
You must move and bounce to attract.
Your lingerie should be red and provoke.
This will advise men of your interest.

You need to smile invitingly
And be noticed in your high heels.
Perfume, lipstick and eye shadow
All must be applied to present enticingly.

This is "Sadie Hawkins Day".
Only on February twenty-ninth
Do you get to invite and pursue a man.
This chance is once every four years.

Forget about luck!  Forget about faith!
Plan your invite with skill and charm.
This man is yours to entice and ensnare.
He is yours to do with what you want.

First Love

The woman needs the man.
This is the truth of intercourse.
This is the truth of relations.
This is the truth of family.

She is programmed to desire you.
Your shoulders and muscle excite her.
You being inflamed entices her,
In proceeding, she is pleasured immensely.

The kissing, touching and foreplay,
They all excite her to need you.
She will love you until you quit:
Exhausted, satisfied and gratified.

The exchange is binding in its delight.
First love or early love is unique.
You have given her something special.
She feels that you belong to her.

You want her to be yours forever.
The gifts she gives, you must have,
Enjoy this time, it is very special.
Nothing in life is equivalent to first love.

Full Moon of Love

Is it good sex or is this love?
Anything that is this good is special,
If special, it must truly be love.
I think I love this magnificent man.

He is all I long for in mine.
Together, we enjoy each moment.
Just holding his hand is enjoyable,
To kiss him and feel him is exciting.

To make love to him is heavenly,
I have never felt so satisfied before
And he loves me, I can feel it.
I'm in love!  I'm in love!  I'm in love!

Edward Hopper, Nighthawks
Edward Hopper, Nighthawks
Second Thoughts

Oh!  The illusions of love,
If only they didn't exist.
To think, I was so stupid
To believe that I loved this jerk.

I must have been blind.
I must have been foolish.
I must have been insane.
I don't even like him anymore.

He can barely satisfy me,
Then he rolls over and snores.
The misery of binding with him.
Worst, he is clueless, blissfully so.

Women Discussing Love

It is not just sex and games.
It is a balance and a commitment,
Shared views and shared goals:
Children, family and commitment.

They are married for fifty years,
How could they endure so long?
I've never lasted even ten years
And that time was very painful.

They enjoyed their sexuality,
But they learned to adjust.
First lust, then real passion
And finally holding and binding.

That is a great picture
But, I prefer more passion.
I want to have fun in life.
I want to enjoy each moment.

It can be fun to balance love
With giving and receiving,
With children and family,
With grandchildren and pride.

You're telling me I'll miss that,
The give and take and bonding,
The kids, grandkids and family,
The companion I dreamed of.

That is the story of love and family.
It is not a television soap opera.
It is not a romantic Hollywood film.
Love is work, giving and sharing.

Love's Inferno
(Michelle & Timothy)

It is the dream of "the mate",
Someone you want beyond all,
The woman you need without question.
The ideal mate for you to mate with.

It is desire, lust and fiery passion.
It is the beginning of "the" relationship,
The one that will bind you to her forever.
She has captured your deepest desire.

Let no one interfer with this moment.
She will be mine and no one else's.
Whatever and
I mean whatever it takes
To make her mine to bind with forever.

Love's Volcano

I read your poem.
It must be serious.
What could excite you so
That you can commit.

I've been committed before.
This is the woman of dreams.
This is the future of me.
This is my love of life.

I don't understand you.
You are bedazzaled by her.
She has bewitched you.
You are a fool in love.

No, I am a man in love.
I will do what I must.
She is my desire in full.
My life is now hinged.

My God, this is real.
You are beyond reason,
Others seek her favor.
You are one of many.

I am the only one.
I would kill for her.
Just tell me how many
And how often tragedy.

Michelle's Kiss

She had me sit down
And I chatted her up.
She gave me the needle
And proceeded to cut me up.

She was intelligent and pretty.
I chatted with her a bit more.
She sliced and cut all the time
And extracted a cancerous growth.

Well, I guess I'll leave.
She did very well by me:
Sliced, extracted and stitched,
While chatting right back at me.

Now, I look in the mirror
And I see her handiwork.
A pretty scar, I'll remember her:
I'll tell everyone, she kissed me.

I hardly knew her at all,
But I chatted her up for sure.
She was a pretty young thing,
What does her boyfriend think?

When Michelle wants more than a kiss?

Franz Xavier Winterhalter, Portrait of Princess of Bade
Franz Xavier Winterhalter, Portrait of Princess of Bade
The King's Realm

You must search the kingdom,
You must find a Queen for me.
She must be intelligent and pure.
She must be a beauty with long limbs.

Let no stone go unturned.
She must be fit for a King.
She will bear princes and princesses.
She will mother the realm.

And so, the maiden was presented.
Your Highness, she is worthy of you,
A golden beauty, long of limb
And prime for endearing love.

By the God's, you have done well.
Her eye's show clear with no fear.
She moves and my eyes move.
She'll be Queen and the realm is safe.

(Created by woman)

I understand women.
You now need to understand man.
We are so less complex,
The task should not tax you.

We are creatures designed,
Created and conceived by woman.
You gift us with all we have.
You nurture us into manhood.

The very gifts you have given
Are the structure of the man you know.
Think how you gifted language, learning,
Laughter, muscle mass and sexuality.

What makes man run the track of life?
It is endeavor, work and lust for woman.
We want all of this and a bit more:
Encouragement, praise, sympathy and warmth.

You must work the problem of man.
He is your creation to do with as you will.
Don't be distracted by man, join him,
Endeavor with him, give him affection and love.

The Truth Of Love
Love and all it evokes
Is about the intimacy of two.
The males sexual drive
Needs a woman to culminate.
It is as simple as that,
A need and fulfillment
Lead to binding passion,
Attachment and commitment.
It is called love by us.
It is our overpowering need.
It is mating and procreation.
It is an ongoing life force.
Top Of The Mountain

A lady who takes risk,
A rare bird indeed.
The others are not like you,
They want others to risk.

They settle for the reward,
No thank you to risk.
No point in converting them,
They don't want to change.

It is you who take risk,
Let it be your methodology.
Prepare for the risk ahead;
Study, plan, rehearse and readjust.

Risk is your game in life.
You better get good at it.
Don't be intimidated by anyone,
Control your moves and void panic.

You own the risk and the reward.
It will be failure and accolade.
It will be disappointment for sure.
It will be risk and glorious success.




Love Girl
(c23 song)
I am a girl who loves boys,
I want them, I flirt with them.
I need them to hold me and love me
And I can not get enough of them.
Without a boy, I am not a woman.
Without a boy, I feel empty of love.
Without a boy, I am me without more.
More I need, I need a boy to love.
It is true, I love boys, I am me.
That is the way I am, that is me,
A girl who loves boys and needs them.
I feel good with a boy.  I feel loves flame.
The flame of romance makes me excited.
The flame of love is what makes me happy.
Life is romance and love with a boy.
Life is what I am about, give me a boy.
The flame of romance makes me excited.
The flame of love is what makes me happy.
Life is romance and love with a boy.
Life is what I am about, give me a boy.
Madness In Love
(c23 song)
You are everything to me.
It is madness to love you.
I cannot live without you.
You are my fantasy come true.
I give all to you in madness.
It is you and only you I love.
To be apart from you is agony.
I must have you by my side.
The flame is rewarded with you.
It is estasy and pleasure devine.
It is binding and holding together.
It is madness, my love for you.
I am alive as never before.
I want you as no other.
I cannot live without you.
It is madness and I love you.
I am alive as never before.
I want you as no other.
I cannot live without you.
It is madness and I love you.
1910 Lovers Art
1910 Lovers Art

I'm in Love
(c23 song) 

Her eyes look at you.
They are the eyes of a doe.
I don't want to look away.
I want to journey within.

Her lips are tender and red,
A rosebud is what I see.
I want to kiss those lips.
I want to feel the warmth within.

Her movements captivate the eye,
Her body sways with love's  invitation.
I focus on her lovely young breasts.
Her bottoms motion is tribute to woman.

She smiles and brightness radiates, 
As whiteness from lush pearls.
I am captured by her smile, 
That's enough, I am hers forever.


I'm in love with a beauty.
I'm in love with a woman.
I'm in love with a dream.
   I'm in love with a Goddess.  


To Love My Love
(c23 song)

I hold my love and I love her.
It is all that I have dreamed.
She is mine and I am hers.
It is distiny that we've found love.

I will hold her as my companion.
I will hold her close as her lover.
I will hold her dear and protect her.
I will hold her and never let her go.

She is sweetness and laughter.
She is fun and games for me.
She is love and heated passion.
She is the true love in my life.

  It is her, now and forever.
It is my dream come alive
To hold my love and to love her.
It is joy and passion, she is my love

I will hold her as my companion.
I will hold her close as her lover.
 I will hold her dear and protect her.
I will hold her and never let her go.


Bound To Love
(c23 song)

I'm now 
moving on in my life.
My school completed and living alone.
I'm able, working and seeking.
I am seeking a man to mate with.

It is what I need in my time,
A sweet man I can hold and love.
He must be real, no flack for me.
I am a woman and I need a man.

Life is now and I am ready,
No more dallying, it is show time.
Show me your interest and love.
Show me that you are able and sincere.

I want a nest to call my own.
I want a man who will cherish me,
For I have a need to love a man.
It is time to settle down with him.

I need a man who will love me.
I need a man who will cherish me.
I need a man that will bind with me,
For I am woman, bound to love man.


I Am A Girl To Love
(c23 song)

I am a girl to love in all respects.
I must present my very best.
I  want nothing wrong and everything right.
I need to glimmer in the eye's of boys.

I want to look "hot", not "slutty".
I need sexual confidence, not desparation.
I should be "eye candy" not "porn show".
I must achieve my best picture, to compete.

The boys must want me, I need that.
I feel stronger and more confident
When I show some clevage and a bit of leg.
Yes, their is more to show, but only if I choose.

It is not easy being a girl, it is competition.
All the other girls want to out shine each other.
My face must be perfect, smile beautiful,
Hair flowing, curves enticing, nothing too much.


It is not easy being a girl, it is competition.
All the other girls want to outshine each other.
My face must be perfect, smile beautiful,
Hair flowing, curves enticing, nothing too much.

Theodore Jean Louis Gericault, 'The Kiss'
Theodore Jean Louis Gericault, 'The Kiss'
Love's Kiss  (C23)

It was our first kiss
And it was magical,
A long moment in time,
That began the ritual.

A kiss is more than a kiss
When it is in harmony,
A concert with rhythm,
That only lovers can hear.

As his lips touched mine,
My emotions began to flower,
In his embrace of love.
A kiss is a prelude to more.

More I wanted than a kiss.
His gift was the beginning
Of passion and loves desire.
Love's spark begins with a kiss.

More I wanted than a kiss.
His gift was the beginning
Of passion and love's desire.
Love's spark begins with a kiss. 


Spiral of Love  (C23)

Is it up or is it down?
The spiral of love can turn.
Is it a smile or is it a frown?
The spiral of love can turn.

Is it laughter or is it tears?
The spiral of love can turn.
Is it encouragement or is it criticism?
The spiral of love can turn.

Is it estacy or is it sorrow?
The spiral of love can turn.
Is she loving or is she cold?
The spiral of love can turn.

Is it fulfillment or is it sadness?
The spiral of love can turn.
Is it binding or is it heartbreak?
The spiral of love can turn.

Is it up or is it down?
Is it laughter or is it tears?
Is it binding or is it heartbreak?
The spiral of love can turn.


Looking For Love
(C23 song)

I'm young and I am pretty.
I'm alert and I am happy.
I'm looking forward to life's joys.
I'm looking for love and a man to hold.

Yes, I need a man to love me.
I need a man to share with me.
I need a man to take me in his arms.
I need a man to love me with passion,

I wll seek him out and engage him.
I will smile at him and charm him.
I will look my best in all respects.
I will be his desire and entice him.

He will be the one to fulfill my need.
He will be the one to hold my hand.
He will be the one to take me in his arms.
He'll be my love and I will give all to him.

He will be the one to fulfill my need.
He will be the one to hold my hand.
He will be the one to take me in his arms.
He'll be my love and I'll give all to him.


Love Is Yours
(c23 song)

It is love that we want;
Someone to hold and share with,
Someone to enjoy and build with.
Someone to travel life's journey with.

Love does it all for you and me.
Nothing is more important than love,
Because love is meaning that we share
All that life has to give with each other.

With love, it is together that we face life.
With love, our home will be built by us.
With love, children will grow and be better.
With love, we will smile and enjoy life.


It is love that we want;
Someone to hold and share with,
Someone to enjoy and build with.
Someone to travel life's journey with.

The Last Girl in the Bar

The most beautiful girl
Is the last girl in the bar.
She smiles at me with gaps.
You know that she's really special.

If ever there is love at first sight,
I'm in love with the last girl in the bar.
She may be bigger than most girls,
That's just more of her for me to love.

You know the tale, I'm not the only one
Who is in love with the last girl in the bar.
It is:  "She's mine!  "No she's not!"
I knock him down to show my love.

The last girl in the bar knows I'm her's.
She grabs my hand and drags me out.
It's home with her, the last girl in the bar.
I'll marry her and we'll have some kids.  

          The last girl in the bar know's I'm her's.
          She grabs my hand and drags me out.
          It's home with her, the last girl in the bar.
          I'll marry her and we'll raise some kids.