The Road To Manhood

No longer a boy and not yet a man,
A teenager is on the road to maturity.
Harmones surge through his brains limbic region:
Facial hair, height, weight and muscle develop.

This is a new time of learning and discovery.
The opposite sex attracts with enticements.
His ability to absorb and change are at their peak.
His communication links expand to define interests.

The checks imposed by the pre-frontal cortex
Are not yet developed in his brain and caution gaps.
A teenager will experiment, take risks and test adults
As he seeks out the parameters of manliness.

The gap between the surge of harmones in youth
And the imposition of controls and checks in his brain
Is lenghty, difficult and extremely significant.
This is the time to develop and direct his future.

It is necessary for a boy to become a man.
It is necessary for a boy to prepare for his endeavors.
It is necessary for a boy to attract a female partner.
Boyhood sculps brain and body forendeavor as a man. 

Note: Females develop faster in brain and body and perform rationally earlier.  They need this edge to select a viable mate.