Asperger Syndrome

A Tribute To Love
A Warrior Returns Home
Anniversary Dialogue
Approved by HER
Arab Spring, 2011
A Rich Past
Attacking Charlie

Awards and Decorations


Band of Brothers Requiem
Basel Cell Cancer
Battle Call

Battle Plan
Battle Prelude
Battle Deployment    
Battle Of Ashura

   Be Brave
Benny Adkin's War

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   General Friderick C. Weyand
   BG George E. Wear (Pending)

   LTC Le Van Me

   LTC Peter Kama

   Major Hai Doan

   Colonel William "Bill" Reeder

   CW4 Dan Jones

   LTC "Jack" Heslin
   LTC James M. (Mike) Gibbs
   CW4 Dennis Watson

Birds Eye Six
Black Virgin Mountain

Blasting Tanks

Blossoming Woman
Board For Correction of Military Records

Bomb Damage Report
Bonfire of Love

Brain 101: Operating System

Brain Force

Brain House

Brain Stress
Brain Reading 101 
Briefing War
Buried In The Desert

Burning Jungle


Captain Butler's Flag

Charlie Attack Order
Charlie Sweep Order
Check Fire
Chelsea Florishes


Cold Sweat
Colonel Bill Reeder Trilogy

Colonel Le Van Me
Combat Assault Briefing

Combat Medic's Requiem

Command Change
Counsciousness Trilogy:
    Consciousness Phenomenon
    Consciousness Endeavor
Cousin Dennis

Creativity - Cerebrum
Creative Mania
Crew Chiefs End

Dance of Death

Dancing In The Mind
Dancing With The Devil

Dear Maxine

Death in Battle
Death's Breath
Death's Distortions
Deaths Hammer
Death Within

Decorating Our Tree
Delayed Fuze
Delta Force Requiem

Delete and Out
Demography Is Destiny
De Oppresso Liber


Designed Mating

Into The Breach 
It Will Kill Us

Jesus In Asia

Judd At Six
Judd is moving on
Judd Talking With Angels
Judgement - Anterior Cingulate
June 2nd, 2017












Key To The Muse
Kill The Advisor

Killing Homs
Killing The Guns

Landing Zone Lolo

Landing Zone Tiger

Letter Of Hope

Libido - Striatum
Life's Choice
Life Plus Plus Plus

Life's Road

Logic - Prefrontal Cortex
Lottery Jackpot
Love and War
Love's Beginning
Love's Volcano

Loving Touch

Lucy, The First Biped

Mad Dog Shriver

Madly In Love
Magic Girl

Magna Cum Laude
Making an Egg
Moseillo's Court Martial
Mosiello's Signal

Mosiello Trilogy

Marcus At Eleven
Master of the Sea
Maxim on Kissing

Melissa Dances
Memory - Neocortex
Momento Mori

Med-Evac Pilot
Mental Illness
Michelle's Kiss

Mid-Air Collision
Midnight Strike

Milk Run

Minority Libido - Striatum
Missing-in-Action Requiem

Miss Linh Chi


Not Yet Perfect!
Now - Limbic System
Nullus Victor
Nurse's Requiem

Oaxaca Cuckoo Clock
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Oh Syria!

Oh, Woman

Old Soldier's Requiem
Options Trader

Over The Top

Pain Management
Panic Attacks - Nucleus Accumbens
Panic Understood
Panther One Three
Paratrooper's Requiem

Paratrooper Swan Song
Passion Fruit

Pause For An Emperor

Peasant Revolution
Pendulum In The Mind
Philosophy Of The Full Moon

Philosophy Of The Half-Moon
Physical Therapy

Physician’s Requiem
Piece Of Cake

Pipeline Strike

Planes Above
Policeman's Requiem

Politician’s Burial
Post Traumatic Stress - Amygdala
Power In Ink
Praise and Recognition - Necleus Accumbens
Prisoner Of War Story
Problem Solving
Process - Cerebrum
Process Relations - Cerebrum

Psychosomatic Disorder
Pursuit Force
Psychotic Lament - Anterior Cingulate

Ranger's Requiem

Real Mutations - (RNA)
Remember Me - (Alzheimer's)
Requiem for a Boatcrew
Requiem For A Citizen Soldier
Requiem For Daniel Inouye
Requiem for a Door-Gunner

Requiem For A Fallen Hero
Requiem for a Navy SEAL
Requiem For A Pipe Sergeant
Requiem For A Poet

Requiem for a School Teacher
Requiem for Muammar Khadafi

Requiem For Those On Charlie

Retrospective on Charlie Battle

Semper Fi Marine
Suppressive Fire
Soldier of the Revolution
Soldier Cycle

The Rescue of Tim Conry
The Mexican Sergeant
The Po Ko River
The Purple Heart
The Beating Drum
The Sixth Sense
The Seventh Sense
Thinhs Ambush

Unipolar Mania

Victory or Death

Winter Solace Dialogue
Women Discussing Love
Withdrawal Order
Warrior's Gun
We Are a Team
Whispers from Beyond
Weapons of War Series
    Greek Aspis
    The Brown Bess Musket
    English Longbow
    Awards and Decorations
The Turning Point
    Secure and Hold
    Holding the River
    Blasting Tanks
    My Chanh River Crossing
    Revised Plan
    Fire Power
    The Bridge No One Crossed
    Reconnaissance Report
    The Valley of the Shadow of Death

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