Major John J. Duffy, US Army Special Forces, DSC.
Major John J. Duffy, US Army Special Forces, DSC.

John J. Duffy rose from Sergeant to Major while serving with Special Operation units in the United States Army.   Operating behind enemy lines, he served four combat tours in Viet Nam.

Major Duffy has been honored with 64 awards and decorations, 29 of which are for valor, including the Distinguished Service Cross (currently in final stages to an upgrade), his nation's second highest award for valor, the Soldier's Medal, four Bronze Stars with "Valor" device, eight Purple Hearts, seven Air Medals (6 with "Valor" device), three Army Commendation Medals with "Valor" device, Viet Nam's highest award for valor: the Cross of Gallantry with Palm, plus two Crosses of Gallantry with Silver Stars, three Presidential Unit Citations (Army),  one Presidential Unit Citation (Naval), Vietnam Cross of Gallantry w/Palm (Unit), Vietnam Valorous Service Medal (Unit), the Combat Infantry Badge, Master Parachutist Wings, plus numerous other awards for service and merit.

Following his military service, John was President of a publishing company, thereafter, the founder and President of an investment firm which was bought by TD Ameritrade, Inc.

John J Duffy has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize and has published six poetry books. Two of his poems were selected to be inscribed on monuments.  His poems appear in countless publications and anthologies.  His latest book, "The Battle for Charlie" is now available on Amazon (CLICK THROUGH), Apple, Kindle, Smashwords, Kobo, Diesel, Page Foundry, Sony,  Barnes & Taylor Blio, Library Direct, Baker-Taylor Axis 360, Oyster and CreateSpace.

As a founding member of the Special Operations Association and a life member of the Special Forces Decade Association, the Legion of Valor, the Forward Air Controller's Association, the Jolly Green Giants Association, The Vietnam Helicoptor Pilots Association, the Air Commando Association, and the Team 162 "Vietnamese  Airborne Advisor" Association, he is an active and honored veteran. 
In 2013, Major Duffy was inducted into the Infantry(OCS) Hall Of Fame at Fort Benning, Georgia.

An award winning book,
Mua He Lua Do or The Red Flames of Summer, was written by Captain Nam Nhat Phan about  a major battle in the Viet Nam War in which Major Duffy had a significant role.  A now classical Vietnamese song written to lament the lost soldiers of this battle is called "Nguoi O lai Charlie" (CLICK VIEW).  It is sung wherever Vietnamese gather to honor their war dead.  Major Duffy was the American Advisor who survived the battle for "Charlie".

In May, 2018, a monument was dedicated at the site to honor those who fell in the battle (view monument in Viet Nam section).

Major Duffy's poem "The Forward Air Controller" (CLICK VIEW) is inscribed in granite on a
 monument in Colorado Springs, Colorado, honoring the FAC's who sacrificed all so others could live.  Major Duffy wrote and delivered the "Forward Air Controller's Requiem" during the dedication ceremony, which concluded with a "Missing Man Formation" fly-over.  The requiem was later added in bronze to the monuments center piece.

Commissions considered. 

John Duffy in Hawaii

Cytokine Storm

The COVID-19 virus is a killer.
It attacks all that it can infect.
Men die at twice the rate of females.
Males immune systems are weaker.

All ages are succeptible to this virus,
But the young have stronger immune systems
And are most likely to survive its attack.
With age, the compromised immune system can be fatal.

In the majority of cases, most people survive.
The immune system kills the virus as it should.
But once the virus infiltrates the lungs of the old,
Their weakened immune system is unable to kill the invader.

An immune system is designed for the survival of mankind.
It is not designed for ageing, it falters as we age.
A man of eighty has ONLY 20% of his immune system.
The elderly and impaired are succeptible to a cytokine storm.

The last line of defense is the cytokine storm.
It is triggered when the immune system falters.
It is an assault on pathogens in its path.
It overrides the immune response, attacking vital organs.

Death is a failure of your system by cytokine storm.
This occurs as the storm is more powerful than impaired organs.
It is a response as a last line defense system,
A youghtful healthy system can withstand a cytokine storm.

The cells of the storm damage and destroy us,
Impaired blood vessels, liver, kidney or the heart are targeted.
This destruction is compounding and internally fatal.
Older patients suffer this calamity even on ventilators.

Note:  This thesis fits the pieces of the puzzle together; asymptomatic youthful infected spreading the virus to the elderly, some with impaired health (lung, heart, diabetes, asthma, etc.), and/or parents or grandparents.  The sixty plus aged dying at a projected higher mortality rate and the ventilators failing to save upwards of 85% of the elderly.

Addendum:  Cytokines are a group of signaling molecules.  Some have the job of recruiting pathogen-fighting white blood cells to a site of infection.  If too many of these cells arrive at once, they can end up attacking the bodies own tissues. 
The multiple tubes inserted to ventilate a patient and substain life may stimulate activation of a cytokine storm.